10 Easy Delicious Keto Fast Food Breakfast

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Are you looking for your Keto Fast Food Breakfast with minimal effort, then this is your right place, check out these super easy and straightforward low-carb breakfasts that will fill your stomach and help speed up your morning routine.

Eating outside on keto can be very difficult, particularly when you are just starting. Fortunately, some fantastic keto fast food choices will help you to stick in the keto diet.

Always remember that Fast food is still fast food; just because its keto doesn’t mean it’s high-quality—the quality and nutrient-density of what you eat that regulates your long-lasting health.

But if you are only eating keto fast food on occasion, for indulgence or as a convenience, you no need to worry about it and have a shocking number of best choices.

Let’s get into the main matter!!!

What is the keto diet?

Keto diet Invented in the 1920s and 30s, Nowadays, the diet is trendy, with apps, recipe books, protein powder, and snacks hitting the shelves every day.

The Keto diet is a high-fat, low carbohydrate diet that forces the body to burn fat rather than carbs.

The diet has recently shifted to weight loss and adults following a low-carb diet, but it starts for children.

To know more about Keto Diet Click Here.

The Best choices of Keto Fast Food Breakfast

  1. Skillets or Breakfast Bowls– Many places have skillets or breakfast bowls with eggs, meat, potatoes, and typically veggies.
  2. Naked chicken– This means grilled chicken or wings.
  3. Breakfast Sandwiches without Bun– Get an egg, bacon and sausage or cheese, cheese and egg sandwich without the bun, or even a wrap free burrito.
  4. Salads – An excellent choice, but watch out for breaded toppings or sugary dressings.

Tips to Eat Keto Breakfast Fast Food

Always ask for “carb-free” extras. Below mentioned are the extras to go along with your meal – they often won’t cost anything to you and won’t add many carbs!!!

Spinach | Tomatoes | Lettuce | Oil & vinegar | Banana peppers or jalapeños| Olives | Cucumbers| Mayonnaise | Pickles | Sour cream  

Top 10 Keto-Friendly Fast Food Breakfast Keto Food List:

1. Low-Carb Burrito Bowl 

Keto Fast Food Breakfast

Unexpectedly, one burrito wrap can pack over almost 50 grams of carbs and 300 calories. Meanwhile, the ketogenic diet is deficient in carbs, and You should skip burrito wraps and shells without fail.

Without the added carb, you can also build a delicious burrito bowl.

Make sure to ignore high-carb toppings like beans, tortilla chips, corn, or sweet dressings. Start a low-carb like a leafy green, then add your favourite choices of fat and protein.

Two examples for the Burrito Bowl of Keto Diet:

✅Extra Guacamole Keto Fast Food Breakfast Taco Bell Cantina Power Steak Bowl: 20 grams of protein | 23 grams of fat | 310 calories | 8 grams of carbs

Cheese, romaine lettuce and guacamole, Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl:40 grams of protein |37 grams of fat | 525 calories| 10 grams of carbs

As a substitute, stick with high-fat, low-carb variations like sour cream, guacamole, sliced avocado, salsa, sautéed veggies, onions, fresh herbs, and cheese.

Notes: Make a keto-friendly burrito bowl choice by ditching the beans and rice and piling on your favourite, low-carb and high-fat toppings.

2. “Unwiches”

Consider an “Unwiches” while you were choosing a lunch or dinner choice from a Vegetarian Keto Fast-Food restaurant. It is merely just a sandwich filling without bread.

Jimmy John’s, a famous fast-food restaurant, invented the term and currently offers many tasty unwich options you may like.

The following Two options keto-friendly Unwiches combinations from Jimmy John’s:

✅The J.J. BLT (lettuce, bacon, mayo, and tomato): 9 grams of protein | 26 grams of fat | 290 calories | 3 grams of carbs

✅Slim 3 (tuna salad): 11 grams of protein | 22 grams of fat | 270 calories | 5 grams of carbs

Notes: Unwiches is made up of meat, low-carb vegetables, and cheese; they make an excellent meal choice for people on a ketogenic diet.

3. Bunless Burgers

Keto Fast food Bunless Burgers

Basically, due to their buns, burger meals from fast-food restaurants are high in carbs. You ignore the bun and any toppings that could be high in carbs for a keto-approved variety of a fast-food burger meal.

Standard high-carb toppings include ketchup, honey mustard sauce, breaded onions, and teriyaki sauce.

You can substitute the toppings as mentioned above with avocado, salsa, fried egg, mayo, lettuce, mustard, tomato or onions, and ranch dressing to omit carbs and add additional fat to your meal.

Two examples of keto-friendly burger meals:

✅Five Guys Bacon Cheeseburger (without bun): 24 grams of protein | 30 grams of fat | 370 calories | 0 grams of carbs.

✅Keto Fast Food Breakfast McDonald’s Keto Double Cheeseburger (without bun):20 grams of protein | 20 grams of fat | 270 calories | 4 grams of carbs.

Notes: Bunless burgers are very simple keto-friendly fast-food that will keep you satisfied when eating. Almost every fast-food creation will be happy to serve you a Bunless burger.

Increase your fiber eating by including basic side salad topped with a high-fat covering to your meal.

4. Egg-Based Breakfasts

Selecting a keto breakfast variety at a fast-food restaurant doesn’t have to be tough. Almost every fast-food creation serves eggs, which is perfect for ketogenic diet followers.

It is only high in protein and fat, deficient in carbs as well. One egg includes less than 1 gram of carbs. Even though many egg dishes are served with hash browns or bread, it’s easy to make your order keto-friendly.

Two Breakfast options for Ketogenic Diet followers:

✅ Keto Fast Food Breakfast Burger King Ultimate Breakfast Platter without biscuit or hash browns and pancakes:16 grams of protein | 29 grams of fat | 340 calories | 1 gram of carbs

Two eggs, Steak, tomato, and avocado Panera Bread Power Breakfast Bowl: 20 grams of protein |15 grams of fat | 230 calories | 5 grams of carbs

Ordering plain eggs with a side of cheese and sausage is always alternate, and a safe game for ketogenic diet followers and another quick alternative is an omelet with greens and cheese.

Notes: Egg-based breakfasts are a perfect option for people who follow the ketogenic diet. It would be best to skip high-carb add-ons like pancakes or hash browns, and toast is mandatory.

5. Low-Carb Salads

Low-Carb Keto Breakfast Salads

Fast-food restaurants salads can be too high in carbs. Wendy’s full-sized Apple Pecan Chicken Salad includes a massive 40 grams of sugar and 52 grams of carbs. It is essential to ignore some ingredients, mainly those high in added sugar, to keep your salad low in carbs.

Carbs from popular salad toppings like dressings, fresh and soaks, or dried fruit can quickly add up. Omitting sweet dressing and other high-carb and fruit ingredients are critical for people who follow a keto diet.

Two salad options that fit for Ketogenic Diet followers:

✅ Moe’s Taco Salad with adobo chicken, fresh, guacamole and cheddar cheese, jalapenos: 28 grams of protein | 23 grams of fat | 325 calories | 9 grams of carbs

✅ Arby’s Roast Turkey Farmhouse Salad with buttermilk ranch Dressing: 22 grams of protein | 35 grams of fat | 440 calories |10 grams of carbs

Notes: Make sure to avoid croutons, breaded chicken, tortilla shells, and candied nuts. There are plenty of salad options on fast-food menus. Avoiding fruit, croutons, breaded poultry, and sweet dressings can help keep the meal’s low carb content.

6. Bunless Chicken Sandwich

One of the simplest ways to order a keto-friendly lunch or dinner when eating fast food is to keep it humble. Order a bun free grilled chicken sandwich and modify it with high-fat toppings is a filling and healthy way to stay in ketosis.Two high-fat and a low-carb chicken meal for Ketogenic Diet followers:

✅No bun and Extra mayo Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich: 29 grams of protein | 16 grams of fat | 286 calories | 5 grams of carbs.

✅Keto Fast Food Breakfast Chick-fil-A Grilled Chicken Nuggets with 2 servings of ranch avocado covering: 25 grams of protein | 18 grams of fat | 420 calories | 3 grams of carbs.

Notes: Avoid such items soaked in, including maple syrup or honey, sweet sauces while ordering the grilled chicken

Is it possible, Eating out on keto?

Especially if you are the one, who new to the keto lifestyle, you have to know that the keto diet stands out in a world primarily dominated by carbs, and it can be challenging to follow.

Significant issues you will likely meet are selecting a fast-food variety that meets keto requirements. We have pointed some keto fast food varieties at some of the most famous fast-food restaurants.

And they are all delicious too!

7. Easy and Handy On-the-Go Snacks

Ketogenic snacks must be low in carbs and high in fat. Unexpectedly, most of the gas stations and stores have a good option of low-carb foods like meals.

Your favourite fast-food restaurant can give you easy and quick keto-friendly foods, but having ketogenic approved snacks on a car can help tide you over among meals.

These are on-the-go snacks that include in ketogenic diet: 

Tuna packets | Pork rinds | String cheese | Peanut butter packets | Peanuts | Almonds | Beef jerky | Meat sticks | Hard-boiled eggs | Sunflower seeds

Notes: Most of the keto-friendly snacks, including jerky, nuts, and hard-boiled eggs, are available at convenience stores and gas stations.

Keep a cooler in your car can make it much easier to bring along healthy ketogenic snacks, including hard-boiled eggs, cheese, and low-carb veggies.

8. Keto-Friendly Beverages

Keto-Friendly Beverages

A lot of roadside restaurants served beverages with a habit of heavy in sugar. From sweet tea to milkshakes, sugar-laden drinks rule fast-food menus. It includes 22 teaspoons of sugar.

Luckily, there are so many fast-food beverages that fit into a ketogenic diet.

Here are some other low-carb drink options, but the perfect choice is water.

Coffee with cream | Black iced coffee | Hot tea with lemon juice | Soda water | Unsweetened iced tea

When you need to sweeten your beverage without including carbs, keep a Stevia in your car (no-calorie sweetener) can come in handy.

Notes: If you follow a ketogenic diet, stick with sparkling water, unsweetened tea, and coffee with cream

9. Lettuce-Wrapped Burgers

Most of the fast-food restaurants have observed that so many people have accepted a low-carb way of eating.

This has directed to keto-friendly menu items like lettuce-wrapped burgers, and these are an excellent choice for people following the ketogenic diet.

The following Two lettuce-wrapped burgers available in fast food menus:

✅Five Guys Bacon Cheeseburger in a lettuce wrap and with mayo: 20 grams of protein | 34 grams of fat | 394 calories | 1 gram of carbs

✅Carl’s Jr. Lettuce-Wrapped Thickburger: 25 grams of protein | 33 grams of fat | 420 calories | 8 grams of carbs.

Notes: Ask a burger wrapped in lettuce for a delicious low-carb, high-fat meal, and Ignore the bun.

Fast Food to Avoid on Keto Diet:

Here is a common list of fast food items to avoid for a low carb diet. But, some of these are obvious and some may not.

  1. Thick soups or Creamy – It is always thickened with flour.
  2. Sauces & Sweet dressings – It includes sugar if it has a little sweet means.
  3. Any kind of Bread – Including wraps, buns, croutons, toast, etc. (Try to order these items without the bun or bread instead.)
  4. Side dishes – Fast food sides are very high in carbs, such as onion rings, beans, corn, rice, etc.
  5. Desserts – Unfortunately, I haven’t found any keto sweets at the fast-food chain.
  6. Anything fried or Breaded – Mozzarella, Fish, Sticks, Chicken, etc.
  7. Potatoes – Hash browns, tater tots, chips, French fries, etc.

10. Rally’s / Checkers:

Checkers offers various decent keto fast food options. Bone-in wings are also an excellent option. Hot dogs can be Bunless and Burgers here can be ordered lettuce wrapped. The others include wheat and sugars (honey).

Stay keto at Rally’s/Checkers:

✅Chili Cheese Dog without Bun 9g net carbs

✅Lettuce Wrapped Baconzilla 2g net carbs

✅Bone-in Wings –Garlic Parmesan or Angry Buffalo, Plain – 3g net carbs

Notes: You have to avoid all fish and chicken sandwiches, boneless wings, chicken tenders, onion rings, sweets and fries

Finding Keto-Friendly Fast Food

Nowadays, finding keto-friendly fast food can be complicated, but most of the time, it takes a substitution there or here to turn a carb-heavy meal into one that fits in the keto diet and lifestyle.

Keto diets are low in carbs, including a reasonable quantity of protein. Several quick keto meals are Bunless burgers, which every fast food joint and restaurant will happy to serve you.

How to Make Your Own Keto Fast Food Breakfast Ideas?

Choosing the best keto fast food choice can be initially a bit like walking through an obstacle, but after you can see from the list above that it’s entirely possible!

You can get truly clean ingredients and better control; instead, you can make your own low carb fast food meals at home.

Keto Fast Food Breakfast Sonic

Keto Fast Food Breakfast is one of the most natural things for keto diet followers to manage. Bacon, Eggs, cheese, and sausage, ham is all low-carb. Just dip the bread and enjoy the delicious.

You can order a burrito without tater tots and the tortilla. We will see in a future post about Keto Fast Food Breakfast Starbucks and Keto Fast Food Breakfast Canada


Maintaining a keto diet will never make you feel like you are missing out, and a fast-food treat is completely well-suited with keto. But, always remember that fast food is low on nutrients and high on calories and should not be eaten regularly.

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